Aim and Values

     Surrey Disabled People's Partnership Mission Statement

Enabling and empowering disabled people to have the same choices and quality of life as every other citizen


Our Vision 

To be the first choice for all disabled people.  To offer specialist information, advice and support, promoting a greater level of freedom, choice and independence

Our Values








Our Aims

  • To empower and enable disabled people
  • To provide up to date comprehensive quality information about disability issues in a timely manner
  • To promote greater awareness of the rights of disabled people
  • To develop a representative voice from a range of experiences working in partnership with Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
  • To support effective participation by disabled people in their communities
  • To act as an effective channel of communication
  • To inform and support individual members and the general public

Disabling barriers experienced in the past can continue to have an adverse effect. For example, disabled people who attended segregated schools may have gained lower academic qualifications than their non-disabled peers, because their ‘special' school failed to provide a proper mainstream curriculum.

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