Fundraising at Work

Below are some ideas which will put the FUN into your FUNdraising!

And they’re off...

Organise a sweepstake for the Grand National, Wimbledon, or any other sporting event.

Tea for SDPP

There is nothing better than being presented with a hot cup of tea and slice of cake at 11am. Why not put on your finest pinafore and go round the office serving tea and cake to your colleagues for a donation? Strangely we have found that even more money is raised when the role of tea lady or gentleman is undertaken by the boss.

Let’s make a promise

Ask your colleagues to donate their time and skills to a Promise Auction. It’s extremely simple, all you have to do is collect promises from staff and stage an auction, where each promise will go to the highest bidder.
Promises can be anything, ranging from: A music lesson or Christmas gift wrapping, to an evening babysitting or the use of a holiday home.

Dress down day

This is an extremely simple but effective staff fundraising event. Choose a theme, whether it be dress casual, no tie Friday or wear a onesie to work, the choice is yours. Then encourage staff to participate and make a donation for doing so.

Finance versus IT

Inter department sports matches are a great way to promote teambuilding and also a little healthy competition between departments. Whether it’s a football, netball or rounder’s match, teams can be sponsored to play each other or charged a fee to enter.

If your company is too small, but want to join in the fun, why not challenge a rival company?

Unique event

If you would like to organise your own unique event for SDPP please contact or call 01483 750973 to discuss your ideas further.

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