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South East Network of Disabled People’s Organisations (SENDPO)Annual Reports

SENDPO Year 2 Annual Report April 2014

SDPP Reports and Other Documents;

SDPP Articles of Association-May 2014-SIGNED

SDPP Annual Review 2016

SDPP Audited Accounts 2015/16

SDPP Annual Accounts 2013-14

SDPP Annual Review 2012-13

SDPP Audited Accounts 2012-13

Annual Review 2010-11

Annual Accounts 2010-11

Annual Report 2009-10

Annual Accounts 2009-10

Annual Report 2008-9

Annual Accounts 2008-9

SDPP Complaints Process

We recognise that sometimes we may get it wrong or a customer may feel they have not received the service they should have.  You can discuss any concern you have by contacting us and the following documents will provide further information on how you can raise your concerns with us:

SDPP Complaints Procedure